Mariya G.
July 10, 2018

Helena is an amazing teacher- knowledgeable and consistent. We have been with her for over four years and my son has made continuous progress. As a musician she is able to identify areas of work needed, give feedback, and suggest ways to improve.
Meggie C.
July 10, 2018

My 8yr has been learning violin from Helena for 2 years. She is very friendly, patient, considerate while being professional and holding a high standard for her student. Her consistency in teaching and passion in music go a long way with the student. I'm very thankful that we found her.

Nancy T.
July 9, 2018

My 11 year-old and 8 year-old girls are getting much improving and confidence playing piano and violin since having Helena from Harmony Music Studio as their teacher. My girls started learning piano and violin from couple different teachers before and it didn't work so well for them in term of techniques and profession. I'm happy to find Helena as teacher for my girls.
Meera S.
July 9, 2018

My son has been taking lessons from Helena for many years now. She takes the time to figure out how keep her students interested and develop the required classical skills at the same time.
Scott W.
June 29, 2018

I've been learning violin with Helena for 3 years, and she's always very nice and patient in teaching!

Melissa V.
June 14, 2018

Viola Lessons (for adults)

Helena was very patient and professional. She pointed out things that I didn’t know. I have some basic knowledge about music and am interested in learning the viola as an adult beginner.
By Matthew C. on 3/9/2018 
Violin, In home

She is amazing! My son enjoy the class so much! I truly appreciate it.

By Barbara J. on 3/2/2018 
Viola, Online

Helena was a pleasure to work with. It was my first viola lesson in decades. I was not sure how the online lesson would go but it worked well for me. She was so patient and helpful and very encouraging. Look forward to the next lesson!

By Ayse K. on 11/14/2017 
Violin, In studio

she loves her job alot .and she makes you love it as well.

By Elsa on 3/3/2017 
Violin, In home

My daughter has had multiple instructors over the past 4 years and Helena is her favorite. Her technique and personality make her a joy to work with and Elsa is eager to practice and looks forward to her lesson each week.

By Jill on 3/2/2017 
Violin, In home

Helena has great insight and can spot areas that need improvement quickly! She is kind and patient, and a wonderful violin teacher/player.

By Joe A. on 3/10/2016 
Violin, In home

I am an adult beginner. Helena is amazingly patient and has clearly mastered teaching the violin. I am very excited that I found her and look forward to having her guide me on my journey to learn such a beautiful musical instrument.

By Dawson S. on 2/25/2016 
Violin, In home

She is doing a wonderful job sharing the experience of music with our son.

By Christina P. on 9/28/2015 
Violin, In studio

She has a great teaching style especially with young children. A very patient instructor. Recommend!

By Serena P. on 9/12/2015 
Violin, In studio

Helena is wonderful! She is so patient with both my 6 year old daughter and I. We are both new to the violin but loving it so far!

By Dana N. on 3/21/2015 
Viola, In studio

I'm very happy with my first lesson. Helena is very informative, and I really like the way she teaches, with wonderful attention to detail. I'm looking forward to next lessons. Meanwhile I'm practicing!

By Debbie M. on 11/11/2013 

Gifted Teacher!!!

If you are searching for an outstanding violin teacher, I highly recommend Helena.  Her students benefit from her many years of teaching and performing experience as well as her extensive educational background.  When you learn musical pieces with Helena she teaches proper technique with just the right amount of music theory to produce well-rounded musicians.  Some of her best qualities are her great abundance of patience that she mixes with professionalism, kindness, a sense of humor, and a great deal of encouragement.  Helena is certainly a violin teacher you will be glad you found. I feel privileged to be her student! Thank you Helena for continually inspiring me to learn and keeping me challenged as well!

By Linglin D. on 11/5/2013 

perfect teacher

Thanks Helena for her patience in teaching my 10-year old son.

My son is in intermediate and advance level. Helena makes music materials easy to understand so that he can love it.....

By Leanna D. on 6/26/2013 

Beginner Adult

Helena continues to me the best choice for me as an adult beginner on the violin. She is patient, knowledgable and I can't praise her enough. She knows just when I need the encouragement we beginners need. Very happy to have found her.

By CrystalD on 4/3/2012


Helena is a great teacher. She is kind, patient and organized. She also has a good sense of humour which is nice to find in a music teacher. I am grateful I have her as a teacher.

By DeepikaP on 2/23/2012

Amazing teacher

Helena is an amazing teacher.She has got good hold on violin and knows perfectly how to tune to student's needs. Feel lucky to learn from her

By DavidJ on 10/23/2011

Sudent Feedback

I am blessed to have you Helena as my teacher. You are giving me what I need to get and stay on the right track to learn.Thank you so much for what you have done for me so far.My hope is to become one of your best students.You are a wonderful teacher.Warmest regards,David

By JanetP on 10/23/2011

I couldn't be happier. Helena makes me feel comfortable yet challenges me.

By ErikaM on 9/24/2011


Helena is a great violin teacher! she is very energetic, organized, patient and motivates me to keep learning. She is also very knowledgeable in music theory, and knows how to relate it to violin tones/melody as well as proper violin posture. I'm loving my lessons with her.

By AlexN on 6/27/2011

Great experience

Helena is very good and friendly with kids. She has great teaching method. I am very impressed with the fact that she is always well prepared before each lesson. The amount of materials were just right for young kid and so were the amount of homework. My son is very shy but he now feels very comfortable with her.

By MatthanB on 3/7/2011​thanB on 3/7/2011